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General Questions

Do you sell no ground equipment stickers?

Do you have item number.....

Where can I buy Eaton Wiring products?

What is a t-rated switches?

How can I purchase Eaton Wiring Devices in Mexico?

What is your warranty policy?

How much do your devices cost?

What are AC-DC devices?

Do you still make flasher buttons for light sockets?

What does "-SP" mean on your packaging?

What is the "box" quantity?

Where is my order?

Are your products American made?

Can I use 7501W or 1107W in older aluminum homes?

Where can I see a catalog?

Are you Cooper?

Where is AH8300 manufactured?

Can I purchase from you directly?

Do Corbin switches come with keys

What is "power-failure memory"?

What is an Edison Base?

What is clamping voltage?

Where do I have to install tamper resistant devices?

Where can I find spec sheets for an item?

How does a distributor check price and availability on-line?

How to use built-in wire looper for pre-looping?

How can I reach Technical Support?

What other pack-outs does this come in ?

What is my lead-time?

Are all of your products UL listed?

Can I purchased discontinued itemed?

Do you carry tamper resistant devices?

Do you offer low voltage staples?

Does Eaton Wiring Devices offer a surge protective device?

What does "Push-in-terminal" mean?

Do you carry Spider boxes?

What is the difference in Industrial Grade and Premium Industrial Grade?

What is the IEC classification on a 3R enclosure?

Do you carry hospital grade devices?

What combination head screw is used in Canada?

What is vulcanized rubber?

What is heat sink?

What type of wire do you need to use for the Academy series standard grade outlets?

Do you offer any acc 230 8056b contact auxiliary?

Can I wire a device without a neutral?

Do you have actual engineering drawings not only what is in the catalog?

Where can I contact the Interconnect customer service team?

What color do your Aspire products come in?

Do you have a French customer service representative?

What are the Canadian customer service hours?

Can I order custom-made devices?

Why can’t I get technical support assistance on weekends?

What is the phone number for customer service?

How do I get help?

Do you still carry Eagle products?

Do you have live chat?

Do you have devices that are compatible with aluminum wiring?

How can I reach other Eaton Wiring Devices locations?

Do you have an office in Canada?

How do I contact receivables?

What does "-BXSP" mean on your packaging?

How can I become an Eaton Wiring Devices distributor?

How can I submit a sales order/PO?

What is your fax number?

What is the country of origin?

What is the weight?

What does "-L" mean on your packaging?

What does "-K" mean on your packaging?

Where do I go for a credit question?

Do you have a minimum order?

Do we have available stock?

How do I return a defective product?

Who is your sales rep in

What are your hours of operation?

What is the UPC code?

Are your products ROHS compliant?

What are my shipping costs?

Where are your disctribution centres in Canada?

What is a male device?

What is a female device?