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What type of wire mesh grips does Eaton Wiring Devices carry?

What NEMA 6-15 straight blade plug and connectors do you sell?

Can IP69K be used in a submersion application?

What does horsepower rated mean on a switch?

Where is AH8300 manufactured?

Are the disconnect switches suitable for motor disconnect?

Do you have the NEMA L2420 as a connector?

What is CuVerro?

Do Corbin switches come with keys

What are the differences bewteen the Red Rhiono box and the Yellow "economy" Rhino box?

Can non-nema products like the California Standards mate with the competitors product?

What does a NEMA 3R mean?

Can I use a NEMA type 1 rated device outdoors?

IS the key removable in both the on and off position for the AH1192N and the AH1221L

What is the NEMA 4X Test?

Are the AHDS30 & AHDS60 NEMA 4X?

What does IP67 mean?

What configurations do the Rhino Boxes come in?

What type of support grips does Eaton carry?

Can you lockout the Motor Switch?

Is the X-Switch NEMA 4X?

Are Rhino Boxes stackable?

Are your pin & sleeve devices compatible with your competitors?

Is your model WD7761 rated 600V AC?

What grade are the portable outlet boxes?

What are F-series cam-loks designed for?

If I am purchasing a mechanical interlock (i.e. CD460MI5W), do I need to buy the receptacle?

How long is the spray testing done on the IP69K?

Does your item IP69K have an onion skin grommet?

What are rod closing wire mesh grips used for?

What are split mesh grip lace closing wire mesh grips used for?

How do you select the right size of wire mesh grip?

What material are Pulling Grips made of?

What material are liquid-tight grips made of?

How does the Dust tight cord grip keeps connections secure?

What weave do the deluxe cord grips come in?

Can you used Deluxe cord grips in hazardous locations?

What material are delux cord grips made of?

What use would the SD series of wire mesh grips be best for?

What are the I-grips (I series) wire mesh grips used for?

How much water pressure can the watertight devices withstand?

How is Eaton solving the condensation issue in food processing or outdoor applications for WWT pumping stations?

Do you offer a locking switch for an AH2000 key?

Are the X-Switch units available with auxiliary contacts?

Are there IEC control parts used in the X-Switch?

Why are nickel plated pins important and why have you made them standard on the Arrow Hart product line?

What is the NEMA configuration used for the Eaton 50 amp locking devices?

Where can I find a listing of NEMA configurations?

Why is the threaded cord grip on the back of the pin & sleeve a selling feature?

What pin and sleeve would you suggest for a 100amp, 2P3W, 125V plug?

What pin and sleeve would you suggest for a 30amp, 3P4W, 480V inlet?

What is the difference between a Flanged Inlet and a Flanged Outlet?

What does the Mechanical Interlock eliminate?

Will Eaton Boots work on Hubbell products?

What type of application can the IP69K be used in?

What does IP69K mean?