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What is the difference between a single pole and a 3-way switch?

How do I adjust the Daylight Sensing on my occupancy sensor (OS310)?

Where can I find installation instructions for the Anyplace Switch?

Where can I find installation instructions for Occupancy Sensor (OS306U)?

How do I prevent lamps and dimmers from flickering and buzzing?

Where can I find a wiring diagram for installing Aspire 3-way dimmer?

Why does my OS306U occupancy sensor not turn off?

I installed your Toggle Dimmer TAL06P. When I turn it ON, the light flashes briefly before giong back to preset level. Is the dimmer faulty?

My controller does not support association. How do I set up 3-ways and 4-ways?

Do you offer a 3-way compatible dimmer in the Aspire line?

How can I install a motion detector wall switch?

What is an All Load (AL) dimmer?

Why is my dimmer not dimming my lights?

Can a 3-way motion sensor be used with 3 or 4 switches controlling one light source?

How many hops can a Z-wave signal make?

Why should I install dimmers?

What Aspire line devices would be best for my house?

Can the AALO6 be wired hot during three way installation?

Do I need the Aspire handheld controller (or any other specialized controller) to program their scene controller (RFWC5 DW), or can I just program it through my Z-wave hub?

What is the difference between primary and a secondary controller?

Where can I find the User Manual for the handheld/tabletop controller (RFHDCSG/RFTDCSG)?

Which dimmers work with LED lights?

Do you have a switch with a timer?

Do you have a commerical occupancy sensor?

I programmed scenes into your 5 button scene controller using Handheld. Do I need to keep handheld controller in the house for it to work?

How does how the anyplace switch work to operate a light fixture?

Do you have 0-10V Dimmers? My LED light says I need those to dim it.

I have your toggle All load dimmer. Can I use it to control fan speed?

If I need to replace a device, do I need to re-program all my scenes and events that included that device?

What is the longest ramp time (meaning slowest ramp rate) that can be configured for an Aspire RF dimmer?

What is a z-wave switch?

What is an any place switch?

Does a lighted toggle switch glow when the switch is in the "ON" position?

What does Derating mean?

Do you offer any switches with built-in timers?

Can non-Eaton Z-Wave devices be installed with an Aspire RF system?

Can I monitor and control wireless Z-Wave devices from a mobile device or tablet?

Can I access wireless Z-Wave devices when away from home?

Do your timers already have the time intervals written on each button?

Do the OSP10 series have a off button?

What is a Dual Tech Occupancy Sensor?

How does a Vacancy sensor differ from an Occupancy sensor?

Do you have a dimmer that does all applications?

Where can I find a non-preset toggle dimmer?

Can the color kits such as the C2 for the TAL06P dimmers be purchase separately?

What does the "P" stand for on the hand held controller

My dimmer instruction sheet says it's for incandescent, is it okay to install with an LED bulb?

Can the OSD10N work with LED

Which dimmers have the LED light level display?

What makes the Eaton’s Patrol night light different?

Do you have a night light to fit in single gang wall box?

What is the range of an anyplace switch?

Do you carry Anyplace switches?

Where can I find a wall switch for ceiling fan control?

Do you have to de-rate for CFL/LED on AL Dimmers?

How do the color kits work on the AL Dimmers, and are they included in the packaging?

Is it true that the AL Dimmers could eliminate dimmer call backs?

Is it true that you can reduce a contractor’s inventory with one dimmer?

After installing OS310U sensor, the night lite comes on, but the main light does not. How do I resolve this?

What type of rotary dimmers do you offer?

I bought your Occupancy sensor OS310 and it requires a neutral. Can I connect the neutral wire to ground? I don't have neutral in my home.

What is wattage of a dimmer?

What are phase cut dimmers? Do you have them?

Do you offer devices that are California Title 24 compliant?

What is a preset?

I earlier bought you Toggle All load dimmer TAL06P and wanted to buy another one. But it shows that it's discontinued. Is there is a replacement?

Does the AAL06 require de-rating when used in multi-gang applications?

Can I set customized time intervals on the 5 button timer?

Can your 0-10V Dimmer be wired in multi-way applications? Does it matter if the 3-way switches are on Line or Load side of the 0-10V dimmer?

Can I achieve multi-way dimming using your Slide All load dimmer SAL06P?

What is the derating for SAL06?

Which LED bulbs work with your devices?

What is the difference between an occupancy and vacancy switch?

Where can I find information on Combination Motion-Activated Decorator Light Switch?

Where can I find the drivers for the RFUSB-PRO?

If I don’t want to access my home network from outside the house, do I need a RFBER or RFTCP?

What is the maximum number of devices that can be associated to 1 Aspire RF switch/dimmer?

What is association?

Can a secondary controller become a primary controller?

How many secondary controllers can 1 Z-Wave network have?

How many primary controllers can 1 Z-Wave network have?

How many scenes and events can be created using the Aspire RF handheld/tabletop controller?

What is an event?

What is a scene?

Do all RF devices repeat the RF signal?

What is the frequency of the Z-Wave signal?

What is the maximum stated transmission range of a Z-Wave device?

How many devices (nodes) can be included in 1 Z-Wave network?

What prevents 2 different Z-Wave networks from interfering with each other?

Do you offer an oversized one gang toggle switch wall plate in white?

What Aspire products do you offer?

What type of detection technology is used with our motion sensors?

If my dimmer is buzzing, does that mean it is faulty?

What colors are your rotary dimmers available in?

Can one master dimmer be used in controlling lights from two locations?

What is the accessory dimmer for the AAL06?

Why does my dimmer not turn off completely?

How do I get my dimmer to stop humming?