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How do I adjust the Daylight Sensing on my occupancy sensor (OS310)?

Daylight Sensing Adjustment (OS310U and OS310R):

• The Daylight sensing feature prevents lights from turning ON when the room is adequately illuminated by natural light.

• NOTE - The factory setting for this adjustment is fully clockwise and permits motion detection to turn ON the lights regardless of the ambient light level in the room. If the Night Light is ON the daylight feature is disabled,

• Remove the ON/OFF pushbutton to access the light level adjustment  

• This adjustment must be made when the light level in the room is at the desired level for the lights to turn ON.

• From the clockwise position, turn the dial on the left counterclockwise using a small Phillips screwdriver until the Night Light turns ON.

• Step away from the sensor to allow the device to calibrate to the normal light level in the room. Do not obstruct the natural light. The calibration process starts when the Night Light turns OFF, and will take approximately 5 seconds. At the end of the calibration process the sensor will turn the lights ON.

• Replace the ON/OFF pushbutton.

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